♚ 183 ♚ Happy New Year

Postagem em parceria com as blogueiras Vicky Victoria Therion e Dafne Lorenzzy que estão na parte direita da foto e todo o look delas está descrito no Blog Elite Fashion Model
Look Gi 
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Arden - variety
Dress: :::KC::: Fantasy Dress
Jewelry:  [MANDALA] TENSEI jewelry set
Look Mannu
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Cinnamon -  gingers
Dress: :::KC::: Rita Dress&Jacket
Jewelry: [MANDALA] Pearl-Rain-Season3 Choker  set  (WHITE)
Yokai - Little penguins Gacha - -The Project Se7en-
1. I love snow - Rare
2. I can fly - (red balloon)
3. I can fly - (blue balloon)
8. lanterns (yellow)
9. lanterns (green)

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